What God has been doing recently

The Power of the Holy Spirit ..

Over the last few weeks we have seen many hundreds of adults of all ages respond to the presentation of the word of God.

Ears have been opened and skin diseases disappeared before our eyes.  People with walking difficulties have been skipping, bending and running for joy.  Those with deeply wounded histories have been restored.  Broken hearts have been healed.

The devil has deceived so many regarding the person of the Father.  When people 'see' the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, full of mercy, welcoming, forgiving, cleansing, restoring hope, the devil's grip is broken and the captives are freed.

We are being overwhelmed with gracious invitations to many nations to share biblical principles of effecive prayer, renewal and mission.  It is a privilege to welcome visitors to Ffald y Brenin from the nations of every continent.