The Way of Blessing

'Stepping into the Mission and Presence of God'


The Way of Blessing, subtitled ‘Stepping into the Mission and Presence of God’ is a long-awaited book by Roy Godwin, Director of Ffald y Brenin, and follows on from The Grace Outpouring, a book that continues to lead readers around the world into encounters with God.

In The Way of Blessing you are invited into a spiritual pilgrimage to the windswept hills of Wales, and to the small praying community of Ffald y Brenin, where the deaf hear, the blind see, the lost are found and the broken receive healing.

Roy reveals how God longs to bless us and has given believers the authority to bless others, and teaches how to do it. He shares how this ministry began, stories of miraculous healings, and ways you can usher God’s manifest presence into your community.

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What others have written:

“Roy Godwin’s story has impacted thousands of lives and, in The Way of Blessing, he invites us all to carry the blessings of God out into the world to transform communities.”  Pete Grieg, 24-7 Prayer.

 “This book has been hugely instrumental in refocusing and reshaping my own prayer life, as has my personal friendship with the author.  If you need help in developing your prayer life, then look no further than The Way of Blessing.”  Eddie Lyle, President of Open Doors UK & Ireland.

“I am cautious about reading books by Roy because they will spark something prophetic in you and bring you down a path less trodden, but full of adventure.  Roy’s book, The Way of Blessing, will surely encourage you to action.  Be warned!” Rev Yang Tuck Yoong, Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Community Church, Singapore.

The Way of Blessing continues as a significant contribution in the exploration of what God can and does do when our focus is upon blessing……this is material that I want everyone in this Diocese to have access to.”  The Rt Rev John Stead, Bishop of Willochra, Australia

“Roy Godwin continues the story of God’s beautiful work in and through the community at Ffald y Brenin, as The Grace Outpouring turns to a flood of blessing which is impacting the world. …..Writing rooted in the deep reality of ordinary Christian lives, and at times painfully honest, but much more significantly rooted in the reality of the Father’s profound love, to read this book is to step into The Way of Blessing.  The way of God’s redemptive salvation, as the Blessing pours from every page.  Read, be blessed, worship the Lord, and join many, many others in being a minister of God’s blessing in and through the great name of Jesus.”  Rev Eric Kyte, Vicar of St John the Evangelist, Roslyn, New Zealand

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