The Grace Outpouring (New Edition)

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The Grace Outpouring (New Edition) by Roy Godwin & Dave Roberts:

Imagine a House of Prayer in every town.  Imagine Churches filled with Christians who want to bless others; who want to pray and then stand back and watch God at work, changing lives before their very eyes.

Since his arrival at the Ffald-y-Brenin retreat centre in rural Wales, Roy Godwin has been able to imagine all this - because he has seen the amazing effects of God working in sovereign power on people who weren't even sure he existed!  Roy has witnessed the outbreak of God's bounty and blessing in the retreat centre, in the grounds, in the fields and out in the community.  His story will be an inspiration to all those who are looking for a new trust in God's willingness to bless the needy with repentance and the Holy Spirit.

This new international edition (released October 2012) now contains a study guide.

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