Local Houses of Prayer Handbook

The Local Houses of Prayer Handbook

By Roy Godwin

Transforming life – transforming communities

A few years ago Roy Godwin took some of the principles which seemed to attract the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Ffald y Brenin and shared them with a few invited guests. Within 24 hours they began to report that the manifest presence of God was breaking out. Since then it has mushroomed into a global phenomenon and people in many nations are experiencing a new way of living and seeing the Holy Spirit moving to transform people’s lives and communities.

  The Local Houses of Prayer Handbook is a practical guide, useful for beginners and as an invaluable resource for those who are already up and running with the Ffald y Brenin principles. Although it does tell something of the story it is essentially a detailed ‘How To’ with outlines, prompts, suggestions and hazard warnings! Areas covered include:

  • The Gospel of the Saving King and His Kingdom

  • The desire of God that none should perish

  • Simple steps to align your life with God’s plan and purpose

  • Invoking the Kingdom

  • The extraordinary power of praying plus proclaiming revealed blessings

  • Connecting others

  • The life-shaping ‘Caleb Questions’

  • Preparing a Place

  • Invading the darkness with precision

  • That the King of Glory might come in to your community


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