Local Houses of Prayer

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The very phrase “Local Houses of Prayer” carries the breath of life and is enough to captivate many who hear it.

Sharing the principles and practices that are foundational to us at Ffald y Brenin, and God seems to like, with others, has led to many people and churches establishing what we call Local Houses of Prayer.  This has produced many testimonies of transformed lives, new Christians and changed communities across the UK and in many nations around the world.

What is a Local House of Prayer?

Typically commencing with 2-3 people they adopt a small local area for Jesus, worship and pray for the breaking in of the Kingdom of God and play their part in its release through their life and witness with the aid of the Caleb Questions.  Local Houses of Prayer are prayer-based and thoroughly missional.  The vision of a Local House of Prayer is:

‘To see the kingdom come and God’s will be done on this particular area of earth, as in heaven.’

There is an individual element and an important group element, with clear development and practices for both.

The best way to find out more is by attending one of the Local House of Prayer Regional Training Days.   These days are designed specifically for those who are either running a Local House of Prayer or planning to start one.

Support, Training etc

National and Regional conferences led by Roy and Daphne Godwin and their regional facilitators take place across the Country throughout the year.

The key principles of Local Houses of Prayer can be further strengthened and developed through Regional Training and Review Days. These Regional Training Days are flexible and have a practical approach, allowing individuals to engage and explore the key principles of Local Houses of Prayer through DVDs, group discussions and practical exercises.  If there is no Local House of Prayer Network currently in your area, we may be able to support you by running a training day in your area.


  • The Grace Outpouring
  • Local House of Prayer Training CD's - These CD sets are an invaluable resource in exploring both the biblical principles and practicalities of setting up Local Houses of Prayer.
  • Marketing Resources - The leaflets 'Introducing Local Houses of Prayer' can be helpful in inviting others to join your Local House of Prayer.
  • Following consultation with us, further resources are available to help you start a Local House of Prayer or to develop a strategy for a local church, denomination or region.

If you have started a Local House of Prayer in your area, we would love to stay connected with you so that we can support you by sending you information about training events and testimonies about what God is doing across the nation.  If you would like to be connected please email your details to admin@ffald-y-brenin.org.