How to Visit Us

Ffald y Brenin welcomes both individuals and groups who have booked as Residential Guests or for a Day Retreat.

There are two things our visitors tend to notice as they arrive. One is the stunning beauty of the buildings, site and surroundings. Unbidden peace seems to invade your heart and mind.

The second is an awareness of the stillness of God’s presence. This has often been called “a thin place” where the veil between heaven and earth has been pulled back. It is easy to pray, to be still, to listen, to worship. It is also a place of joy, of creativity and of learning, a place of encounter.

Visitors coming on retreat at Ffald y Brenin tend to find it restful, challenging or life changing, depending on their purpose in coming and God’s agenda for them while they are here.

At its heart, Ffald y Brenin is a House of Prayer. Everything that happens is soaked in prayer. Guests are welcome to join with us and gaze into the face of Jesus during our daily rhythm of morning, midday and evening prayer if they choose. Some have deep encounters with God at those times. Others have retreated to escape meetings and are equally welcome to choose not to join with us.

Individuals, families, groups of friends, church leaders, house groups, church groups of various sorts; art groups, study groups, youth groups; those searching to discover the reality of God revealed in Jesus; all find a warm welcome awaiting them.

You will understand that, as a Christian Centre, we are unable to accommodate any alternative religious worship or practices.