The Caleb Connection

The Caleb Connection (TCC) is a scattered (dispersed) community of people who relate to the Way of Life at Ffald y Brenin, which acts as the Mother House.  Rooted in the Word and blessed by the Fire of Celtic Christianity and early Monastic missionary movements, we seek to know, love and serve the King of kings and seek His kingdom before all other things.

Our Purpose is to live out radical, kingdom-focussed lives that respond to the invitation of Jesus to be With Him and be Sent (Mark 3:14). We want to press deeper into the heart of God and further out into the world as His co-workers, living counter-cultural lives from which prayer and worship pour upwards and love, demonstrated by practical care, pours outwards, as part of our witness to the good news of Jesus.

Within the confines of Ffald y Brenin this is worked out through the centrality of our rhythm of daily prayer, our hospitality towards guests, our programme of events and our mission out into the nations.

Those who link with us adopt our purpose and values.  The way that they express this in their daily lives will be shaped by their personal situations, so we invite them to work these things out “as far as is possible”.  In this way it is possible to explore and embrace our Way of Life in fellowship with us without making unsustainable promises.

The Caleb Connection – an Introduction is available from our shop by clicking here.

Further resources are available including Roy Godwin’s new book ‘The Way of Blessing’ and the soon-to-be-released ‘Blessings Course’.

Details of various TCC Conferences or gatherings may be found here.