Ffald y Brenin

Turbulent Times and a Coming Awakening


We are living in truly exceptional times. As I write this, the UK parliament is debating the future of Brexit proposals. The Government is divided; Parliament is divided; the nation is divided. Confusion and uncertainty are the order of the day.

It isn’t only the UK which is trying to sort out its place in the world. If we look at the rise of far-right politics across Europe and further afield, we see a shaking going on.

Yet, our God reigns! Whatever happens, He reigns. Jesus is alive for evermore. History might take some unwanted and un-wished for turns, but it isn’t totally out of control because – our God reigns. We know the end from the beginning, and that is where our confidence lies. Solid. Unchanging. Immovable.

Against this backdrop we see God stretching out His hand to bless and to heal. He continues to encourage us that He is going to release a mighty awakening across Wales that will ignite revival in other nations, just as He has done before.

We have just returned from a 10-city tour of Norway where a remarkable link has grown between Ffald y Brenin and the Norwegian Christians and movements. We believe that a significant awakening is being birthed in that beautiful nation, and we rejoice with them. As for Wales – come Holy Spirit! Can a nation be changed in a day? Our reply is totally unequivocal. Yes, yes, yes!

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