Ffald y Brenin

Here are 5 separate pieces of very good news…



1. In spite of the pain in London and Manchester and the uncertainty of the political situation we are able to rest in confidence that our God is still God. His promises are sure and his love is everlasting. We cry out for the hurting and pray for them

2. A recent trial of street witness in Swansea has led to many people praying for salvation and being followed up. Please pray that the roll-out of The Turning and Mission Wales will lead to many changed lives in the power of the Spirit. To link in with information and prayer support please go to pray4wales.net and subscribe (for free).

3. We were privileged to lead a day event on Anglesey a fortnight ago and commission the beginning of a cross-Anglesey prayer walk over the following week. We particularly cried out for men to be converted.

The planned route and timetable had to be adjusted – men were coming to faith on the streets. This is a very special time for Wales. Please give thanks – and pray for her.

4. Last week we hosted the second annual closed Conference of Christian workers who represented much of the World. Many of them had been trained in establishing Local Houses of Prayer while many others had felt drawn to come and learn more. At the close they made wonderful plans of action for when they return home. Please pray that they will be enabled to see the Lord’s grace upon them, often in difficult situations.

5. We are about to commence our annual June Conference and have never had so many international delegates. The sun is shining, the mercury is bubbling and the spiritual temperature is rising even faster!

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