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Turbulent Times and a Coming Awakening


We are living in truly exceptional times. As I write this, the UK parliament is debating the future of Brexit proposals. The Government is divided; Parliament is divided; the nation is divided. Confusion and uncertainty are the order of the day.

It isn’t only the UK which is trying to sort out its place in the world. If we look at the rise of far-right politics across Europe and further afield, we see a shaking going on.

Yet, our God reigns! Whatever happens, He reigns. Jesus is alive for evermore. History might take some unwanted and un-wished for turns, but it isn’t totally out of control because – our God reigns. We know the end from the beginning, and that is where our confidence lies. Solid. Unchanging. Immovable.

Against this backdrop we see God stretching out His hand to bless and to heal. He continues to encourage us that He is going to release a mighty awakening across Wales that will ignite revival in other nations, just as He has done before.

We have just returned from a 10-city tour of Norway where a remarkable link has grown between Ffald y Brenin and the Norwegian Christians and movements. We believe that a significant awakening is being birthed in that beautiful nation, and we rejoice with them. As for Wales – come Holy Spirit! Can a nation be changed in a day? Our reply is totally unequivocal. Yes, yes, yes!

A summer overflowing with the works of God


How do you view this year’s summer? Hot and dry, probably. We didn’t enjoy very much of it because we were in almost constant conferences, involving day time and evenings. It was a summer not to be forgotten, but for us it will be remembered for the wonderful works of God.

We are welcoming more visitors than ever, representing many nations from around the world, and find it such an encouragement when they obviously encounter the Lord.

Our various in-house conferences were a huge blessing. Fan the Flame saw many leaders joining us from mainly broken/needy nations. It was a joy to share the principles of building prayer-based missional movements with them. Our June Conference seemed unusually blessed, with a strong visitation of the Holy Spirit and finishing with communion in the sunshine.

Then came our TransMed Conference; five days together with related leaders from Mediterranean nations. Prayer, worship, mutual upbuilding and growth.

Then Norway. How we love Norway! The Lord has knitted our hearts to Norway and we had a great time there again. I spoke in Kristiansand and then for several days at the Oasis Conference where a few thousand people had gathered. The response was awesome. We believe that an awakening is coming for Norway just as it is in Wales. We look forward to going back in October for a 10-city tour. Details can be found at www.tibyer.no


Isn’t the Lord wonderful? Over the last few weeks we have been overwhelmed by His goodness as He has graced us with His mercy, love and power, changing lives, healing many, setting prisoners free. From our Guestbook – ‘my chains have all gone’.

Who will forget the Thursday evening of our June Conference when we were so blessed as He stretched out His hand over us? The worship! The joy which arose and continued in the morning? The outdoors Communion and blessings tunnel?

Then our TransMed – and Beyond – Conference, a great time when we welcome leaders from the Mediterranean nations. When the Team came in to bless them on the last morning, one of them said ‘it was like walking into Love’.

Prior to all this we held the third Fan into Flame Conference, welcoming international leaders, listening, learning, praying and worshipping together. God was glorified as we shared our stories.

So many nations represented, so many testimonies, so many visitors, so many outpourings; we could go on. God is glorifying Himself amongst us.

Now we are off to Norway to speak in Kristiansand and then at the Oase (Oasis) Conference. The Lord has spoken of revival coming to Norway as soon as Wales is released, and we go expectant of great blessing. Please pray for Wales, and please pray for Norway. What God chooses to do in these two small nations can impact the world!

June Conference 2018 | Family – Deeper, Wider, Joyous

The June Conference is only a few weeks away. Yet it feels as though only 6 months have passed since the last one!

Roy and Daphne will be leading, together with Dr Rich Roberts. The theme is ‘Family – Deeper, Wider, Joyous’. If you would like to learn more about life at Ffald y Brenin, its international ministry, enter into worship, learn, make new friends and explore the beauty of the valley and coast, this is a very good time to come. The last few places are available now so why not book straight away here or calling +44 (0)1348 881419.

Nations already represented include Norway, Australia, Netherlands, Singapore, Croatia and USA. Here at Ffald y Brenin there’s anticipation and excitement in the air as we look forward to gathering together in God’s presence.

A Very Happy New Year!

A very Happy New Year to you from all the Team at Ffald y Brenin! May you be blessed of the Lord throughout the coming year.

We are excited and amazed by all we are expecting for 2018. We have a full programme with Conferences both here at Ffald y Brenin and also in Norway throughout the year, while other team members will be ministering in Italy, India and Africa in particular.

Last Monday the team met together and considered the joys of serving the purposes of God in this special place. Already this year we are blessed with many encouraging testimonies. Then we considered the cost; tiredness in particular is always at the door. We then broke bread together as we dedicated ourselves for the coming year to Him who alone is worthy.

We hope to release new resource material very soon including the video-based Blessings Course, and The Local Houses of Prayer Handbook. You can register your interest through the Resources page here. Over the coming months you should see a newly designed Resources page plus new material to read, download or physically purchase.

Our 2018 Conferences will be opening for booking very shortly.

So- may the Lord bless you and keep you, and please return to these pages often to keep updated.

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