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Welcome to the Ffald y Brenin Website. May God’s abundant blessings may be fully released over your life throughout the coming year. Please explore this website to find out who we are; how to visit for a day or come to stay; and about our events, Conferences and external ministries.

Ffald y Brenin is a beautiful award-winning Christian Retreat Centre in the Preseli hills near the sea in southwest Wales which has become internationally renowned through the hundreds of remarkable encounters our visitors have experienced with the Lord. The books The Grace Outpouring and The Way of Blessing recount some of those stories and are available post-free from our resources section. We live within a rhythm of daily prayer and guests and visitors are welcome to join with us at those times.

Ffald y Brenin has become a Christian ministry that reaches out across the world with a message of hope, life and liberty because of the Father’s amazing saving gift of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the home of the global phenomena called Local Houses of Prayer. We regularly welcome a mix of guests from many nations who visit, stay, or attend our Conferences or monthly Prayer Day.



Upcoming Events

5th February 2019

Prayer Days

First Tuesday of the month 10:30AM - 3:15PM Read more

Rhythm of Daily Prayer

At the heart of our shared life is the rhythm of daily prayer. We invite you to join with us by following our daily Bible reading plan.

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Latest blog post 11th December 2018 | Posted by Roy Godwin | Comments: 17

Turbulent Times and a Coming Awakening


We are living in truly exceptional times. As I write this, the UK parliament is debating the future of Brexit proposals. The Government is divided; Parliament is divided; the nation is divided. Confusion and uncertainty are the order of the day.

It isn’t only the UK which is trying to sort out its place in the world. If we look at the rise of far-right politics across Europe and further afield, we see a shaking going on.

Yet, our God reigns! Whatever happens, He reigns. Jesus is alive for evermore. History might take some unwanted and un-wished for turns, but it isn’t...


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