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We are excited to announce the launch of Roy Godwin's new book,  The Way of Blessing.  This follows on from The Grace Outpouring, a number one bestseller for Christian books in the UK. Eight years after its launch we still continue to receive testimonies from readers. We are praying that this new book will carry an even greater anointing than the first, that readers might be touched by the Lord. It is available in USA from 1st August and in the UK from 1st September.

You can find out more about The Way of Blessing, and even pre-order by going here

We continue to be blessed by the powerful presence of God and hope we might welcome you as you come to taste and see, with us, that the Lord is good indeed. As always the Centre is open for guests and visitors who are welcome to spend time with God either wandering the grounds, making use of our day facilities, and in prayer either in the Chapel or our prayer room.  Our Daily Rhythm of Prayer takes place at 9.30 am, 12.45 am, 5.30 pm and 9.45 pm. and we will be pleased to welcome you, but please check for weekend times which may vary.

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6th December 2016

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First Tuesday of the month 10:30AM - 3:15PM Read more

Rhythm of Daily Prayer

At the heart of our shared life is the rhythm of daily prayer. We invite you to join with us by following our daily Bible reading plan.

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Latest blog post 21st November 2016 | Posted by Roy Godwin | Comments: 1

November 2016

What a week we have had, with two Conferences back to back. We had never done that before. On Wednesday and Thursday we held our first Rule of Life Conference and we were blessed by people’s responses at the end. ‘I am going home a new person.’ ‘I know my life can never be the same again.’ ‘I have found God in a new way.’ ‘I have found myself again.’ Around 72 people attended and we met in Jabes, just along the valley, where we hold our monthly Prayer Day.

Then on to our annual Kingdom, Power and Glory Conference and what an exceptional time it was. Held in Caersalem, along our valley...


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